Latest Beach Umbrella Designs for 2016

by Aman Yadav on August 07, 2018

There are many trends that are coming up in 2016 that might revisit some retro style from just a couple of decades ago. The 80’s are making a nice comeback, but the 90’s are even stronger and the look that some umbrellas are sporting right now has a very casual feel to it, with patterns and shapes making a strong comeback instead of single colored designs.

The following are some of the latest beach umbrella designs or 2016 that you will see at the beach. Do keep in mind that fashion has become extremely wide in the kind of styles that are used now and there is no official fashion statement in modern times, but retro is making a huge comeback without a doubt.

The Shelta Foldabrella

This design in blue and yellow is also one of the best that you can find for 2016. This color combination is a very common beach combo because the yellow represent the sand on the beach and the blue is for the ocean. This is basically the most descriptive umbrella for having fun at the beach.

The Daytripper

This is a great style of umbrella that has a very hypnotic look to it. A large number of beach goers find this to be the best coolest look and if you get enough of them together it makes for a very cool effect when you are walking towards the beach and you look at all of these designs. If you want a great and strong look for your umbrella this is the one of the best designs you can pick.

The Hawaiian Blue

This is a very cool design that brings back the fashion style of the 80’s and 90’s. A large number of people are looking for this type of beach umbrella to catch some sun and enjoy a relaxing time with a cold drink. This has been a favorite for many people over the years and it seems to be gaining even more popularity in modern times.

The Manly 2.2m Aqua Stripe

This is also an incredibly fashionable umbrella that a lot of guys are picking. Don’t let the name fool you though because many women also love this particular style. You can also get the purple and yellow stripe design if you prefer softer pastel colors. Either way, you will be sporting an excellent design.

The Carnivale 2.3m Rainbow

This is one of the most iconic beach umbrellas and it seems to always transcend time and fashion. All decades have this particular style in common and that is the reason why it always sell so well. If you are not sure about the fashion style you want to take to the beach, the Rainbow design is always going to be a great look in any situation.


Going to the beach with a cool looking umbrella is going to be an important part of your fashion statement. You will find that all the available designs we have available are going to be awesome and we have styles for all tastes. We have very colorful designs and we also have a good number of sober styles for those who like a more conservative look for everything that they own.

Trends come and go, but most beach designs are always going to be useful in case you want to use the same umbrella several years. Keep in mind that strong fashion changes don’t happen in less than 5 to 10 years, so any design you choose should be good enough for quite a few years.